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US Nears Underground Nuclear Weapons Testing Advancements – No Explosions

Scientists charged with ensuring the United States’ aging stockpile of nuclear weapons is ready to go — if necessary — say they...

Politics Monitor

Franziska Brantner on German-French Relations: A Concerning Perspective

Due to unrest in his country, President Emmanuel Macron canceled his state visit to Germany, the first for a French head of state...

EU Agencies

Morocco Secures $1.8B Commitments From World Bank

Speaking during a meeting with World Bank Chief Operating Officer Axel Van Trotsenburg and World Bank Vice President for MENA Farid Belhaj, the...

EU Agencies

This Sundress is a Must-Have for Summer

Import demos, pages or elements separately with a click as needed. Single WordPress license gives you access to all of what's shown below,...


“Baroque” remarks, ambassador summoned… Update on the hiccup between Moscow and Paris

Relations between Paris and Moscow have deteriorated since the start of the year, against a backdrop of conflict in Ukraine. Russia notably claimed...

Media Statements

Resurgent Hawks: ECB’s Power Restored

Initially created on the model of the Bundesbank, the ECB had evolved profoundly under Mario Draghi, but German influences have partially taken over....

Politics Monitor

Italian Diplomacy: Unveiling Geostrategic Affairs and Affection

For several months, Italy has been engaged in international advocacy to help Tunisia financially, particularly with donors and global financial institutions, the International...

Media Statements

Emmanuel Macron’s Foreign Policy Priorities: Conference Highlights

French diplomacy will be in the spotlight of the presidential agenda this Monday. Emmanuel Macron will indeed explain to the French ambassadors gathered...

Politics Monitor

Ukraine-Hungary Tension: Prisoner Of War Access Denied

Kiev on Monday accused Budapest of blocking its access to a group of Ukrainian prisoners of war transferred to Hungary from Russia through...