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Unveiling Coup D’État: A Taboo-Free Perspective

If Europeans tire of following the French in their military crusade against Niger, they remain firm on the unacceptability of the coup d’état in Niger and the continued existence of the French Ambassador in Niamey expelled by the new authorities. In contrast, the European Union is very understanding, even generous, towards General NGUEMA, designated as a “strong man,” while General Abdourahmani Tchiani of Niger, like Colonel Assimi Goïta and Captain Ibrahim Traoré, are called with disdain “leader.” of the junta.
In this alternative narrative of which they alone have the secret, the overthrown president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, is “taken hostage”, but the overthrown president of Gagon Ali Bongo is “under house arrest” where the soldiers are carrying out anti-corruption investigations, but in Mali or Burkina, the new authorities are engaged in witch hunts against executives and ministers of the old regime.

Four days after the coup d’état against the regime of Ali Bango Ondimba, the country’s borders remain largely open. If France pays lip service to having suspended its military cooperation and the African Union says it has suspended Gabon, the sub-regional organizations (CEEAC and BCEAC) have not yet taken any financial or economic sanctions and Macron has not convened a Defense Council as in the case of Niger. It was following the denunciation of this passive complicity that the ECCAS promised to meet by videoconference. Will they decide, as in the case of Niger, a military intervention to restore President Ali Bongo?
After condemning the coup d’état, the hypothesis of a military intervention similar to that which is being discussed within ECOWAS against the putschists in Niger, is an option for the moment ruled out by the Conference of Leaders of State and government of ECCAS gathered in extraordinary session by videoconference on August 31, the day after the events. The heads of state of ECCAS, without taking any sanctions, wish to dialogue with all parties concerned to achieve consensus and a way out of the crisis, while Gabon has just been suspended by the African Union.
The Central African President, Faustin Archange Touadéra, was mandated by the Economic Community of Central African States to initiate talks with the actors in the political crisis caused in Gabon by the military putsch of August 30. The sub-regional organization thus favors the diplomatic route to try to obtain a return to constitutional order.
In the new narrative for idiots, “France condemns all acts of force (…) However, we cannot put on the same level the situation in Niger where illegitimate soldiers deposed a legitimately elected president, and that of Gabon , where the motive put forward by the military is precisely non-compliance with the electoral law and the Constitution.” So the soldiers who put down President Ali Bongo are “legitimate soldiers”, while those of Niger are “illegitimate soldiers”. Which means that according to France the coup d’état in Gabon is “halal” and that in Niger is “haram”. So why is it confusing itself by suspending its military cooperation with the Gabonese putschists who are only enforcing the electoral law and the Gabonese Constitution?
While waiting to see clearly the alternative narrative, General Brice Nguema is being invested this Monday morning, while General Tchiani is struggling between sanctions and threats of intervention.

This article is originally published on bamada.net

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