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Moroccan Sahara: What if the resolution of the conflict came from the USA?

The strengthened dynamic between Morocco and the United States, especially in the critical areas of security and defense, underlines not only Morocco’s crucial role in preserving regional stability but also its active participation in the fight against threats beyond borders.
This collaboration is significantly manifested through the visit of General Michael Langley, head of AFRICOM and eminent representative of the American Marines. His visit highlights the United States’ deep commitment to Morocco, a commitment rooted in a shared vision of security and sustainable development.

General Langley, by hailing Morocco as a bastion of cooperation and security, recognizes the essential contribution of the Kingdom to the balance of the region. “Being welcomed by an exemplary nation in terms of security and regional cooperation is an honor,” he said, highlighting Morocco’s exceptional contribution and its solid partnership with the United States. This alliance, built on years of cooperation, is identified by the General as fundamental to the stability of the entire region.

Trusted partnership
This cooperation, historically rich and diverse, is today at the heart of international discussions, notably with Senator Dan Sullivan’s “bold” proposal to move the headquarters of AFRICOM from Germany to the African continent, Morocco. being considered a candidate of choice. In this sense, the American senator, with the support of his counterparts, recently highlighted the importance of Morocco as a strategic pivot, emphasizing the need to strengthen the American military presence in Africa through this reliable and proven partnership. This perspective symbolizes a recognition of Morocco’s strategic position as a force for stability in North Africa and the Sahel region, facing major security challenges. This development reflects the mutual trust and strong partnership between the two nations, reinforced by joint military exercises such as the African Lion, which demonstrate their shared commitment to security.

This centuries-old relationship, which is anchored in mutual recognition dating from the independence of the United States, is today more than ever energized by shared values and a common vision of international security. The Moroccan initiative for the Sahara, supported by American recognition under the Trump Administration and maintained by the Biden Administration, embodies this synergy, proposing a path towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict, centered on broad autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty. This approach is hailed internationally as the most serious, credible and realistic, receiving the support of key nations such as Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Spain.

Diplomacy and security: Two key players for the same objective
Furthermore, strengthening ties between Morocco and the United States could prove to be a potential catalyst for the resolution of the protracted artificial conflict in the Moroccan Sahara. By cultivating this strategic relationship, the United States positions itself as a key actor capable of initiating a constructive dialogue and fostering a peaceful and sustainable approach for the Sahara, thus illustrating the potential of a proactive and committed diplomacy for peace in the region.

Morocco- United States

Moreover, the visit of the AFRICOM commander, highlighted by the presence of the American ambassador in Rabat, Puneet Talwar, is very symbolic, thus combining diplomacy with security. The meeting also highlighted the exceptional quality of relations between the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces and their American counterparts. This dynamic cooperation, reinforced by the Defense Partnership Roadmap 2020-2030, transcends military aspects to embrace a common quest for stability, peace and prosperity. This exemplary partnership highlights the potential of proactive and engaged American diplomacy. The United States, with its experience in mediating international conflicts, is ideally placed to accelerate the search for a just and lasting resolution to the Sahara conflict, thus promoting stability and development.

In short, American diplomacy is called upon to play a pivotal role, not only as a force of proposal but also as a guarantor of a renewed regional balance, synonymous with stability and development for the entire Maghreb region.

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