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Barcelona: Ouzzine advocates economic diplomacy

It’s official. The Popular Movement takes the initiative in the field of economic diplomacy and engages in dialogue with civil society actors among Moroccans around the world in Barcelona. As part of a qualitative initiative, a delegation from the Popular Movement party, led by the party’s Secretary General, Mohamed Ouzzine, made a working visit to the city of Barcelona, Spain, on Friday February 23 and Saturday February 24 2024. This visit was marked by the holding of an important meeting with the Federation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of Catalonia (PIMEC – Micro, Petita i Mitjana Empresa de Catalunya), a federation which brings together 6,000 companies and which has ‘a strong investment presence in many countries.

This meeting was devoted to the discussion of ways to deepen and strengthen economic cooperation and to open new horizons in the field of investment by taking into consideration the depth of the historical and strategic relations which bind the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of Spain. “This meeting was also an opportunity to review the main opportunities and promising areas to encourage investments in the two countries, such as the areas of infrastructure, roads, renewable energies, the agri-food industry, tourism and services”, indicates the MP.

“This meeting was crowned by the agreement of the two parties on the scheduling of a visit for the benefit of a delegation of entrepreneurs from the Federation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of Catalonia to the Kingdom of Morocco to inquire take a closer look at existing development opportunities in light of the improvement in the business climate in our country and the legislative and regulatory developments that accompany it thanks to the strategic vision of HM King Mohammed VI”, it is specified.

The two parties also agreed to work towards the organization of a joint forum to support investment in Morocco with a view to concretely deploying the dynamic driven by this qualitative and distinguished meeting. Alongside this meeting with representatives of Catalan businessmen, the Harakie delegation held another qualitative meeting with a group of associative and media actors among Moroccans around the world in Barcelona, at the level of the European Institute of the Mediterranean.

This first meeting was an opportunity to discuss the conditions of the Moroccan community in Barcelona and its economic, social and human rights aspirations, and to evaluate the public policy of our country in the field of management of issue of immigration and Moroccans around the world in light of the High Royal Guidelines calling for ensuring the best conditions for the political, economic, social and cultural integration of Moroccans around the world. In this context, this meeting made it possible to recall the main legislative initiatives and in terms of control of government work carried out by the two Harakie groups in Parliament and the advocacy of the Popular Movement party in favor of Moroccans around the world. It should be noted that this first meeting was of a preparatory nature with a view to holding, in a future stage, an enlarged and open meeting with broader sectors in the field of immigration and with Moroccans around the world. level of the entire Catalan region.

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