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Azawad, a time bomb that threatens the Algerian regime

When it was signed in 2015, the Algiers Agreement was considered a feat for Algerian diplomacy.

Today, it represents the most obvious sign of the failure of this same diplomacy, which is now floundering in the mud.

At the end of last January, recalls Al Ahdath Al Maghribia of this Monday, February 26, which devotes a long analysis to this subject, the Malian authorities announced their rejection of this peace and reconciliation agreement, signed thanks to the intermediation of their neighbor to the North .

According to the transitional power in Bamako, Algeria takes this agreement as an alibi which allows it to interfere in the internal affairs of Mali.

Algiers also tried to impose a period of transition on the power in place in Mali, while putting pressure on its leaders, by welcoming its opponents, moreover personalities accused of terrorism and attempting to destabilize the country.

Mali reacted firmly, recalling its ambassador to Algiers, a prelude to a breakdown in relations between the two countries.

Logically, the leaders in charge in Mali, a country not recognized by a large part of the international community, had every interest in sparing their neighbors while they settled in.

Algeria would therefore have had every interest in taking advantage of the opportunity, underlines Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, but the regime in power was quick to turn the team which had just set up against it.

Result, explains Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, the agreement, originally a source of stability throughout its southern borders, thanks to the ceasefire planned between the Armed Movement of Azawad and the central power in Mali, jumped, and the parenthesis closed.

This area has therefore become a source of tension and insecurity for the Algerian government.

Even more so, having also lost the support of Niger, this border zone located in its southern borders and known for harboring a wide range of terrorist movements, today threatens the very existence of Algeria.

The reasons are not only the strong presence of terrorist organizations, but also the entry into play of new actors for whom Algiers represents no interest.

A situation, explains the daily, which pushes the military junta in power at the Al Mouradia palace to evoke, via its press headlines, “an unhealthy game by Turkey and Russia in this area”.

According to the daily, these comments could not be made by analysts of the Algerian army against two of their close allies, if the situation was not so serious.

It is therefore clear, specifies Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, that Algeria is no longer able to secure the support of its allies to carry out its strategies in the region.

In this situation, Algiers has no other alternative than to try to reconnect with Bamako and the military power in place, in which case, explains the daily, Algeria will be required to let go of its allies, the Tuareg rebels, which which amounts to triggering a war that Algeria has worked for decades to avoid and repel, because this country is aware of the danger that this conflict can represent for its stability.

According to the daily, nipping in the bud any attempt to create a State of Azawad by the Tuareg, divided between Algeria, Libya, Mali and Niger, has always been part of the “doctrine of State” in Algeria.

The regime in place in Algiers has always worked to ensure that this scenario can never become reality. However, this scenario is today closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Algeria, which has spent billions of dollars and intense diplomatic efforts to separate Morocco from its Sahara and create a puppet state in its southern provinces, seems on the verge of living this nightmare, that of separatism.

This article is originally published on fr.le360.ma

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