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Catherine Colonna’s Diplomatic Visit to Finland & Latvia

The Minister will travel to Finland and Latvia on September 28 and 29.

In Finland, first of all, where she will meet Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, this will be Ms Colonna’s first meeting with the Prime Minister, as well as her counterpart Ms Elina Valtonen, whom she received in July, in Paris. This meeting will allow us to move forward on the strong and stable ties between our two countries. They will discuss the quality of Franco-Finnish cooperation, and in particular the civil nuclear sector which will be the subject of discussions.

In Latvia, the Minister will travel to inaugurate a train line which connects the three capitals of the Baltic States. She will also discuss our continued support for Ukraine, European defense, and obviously the security of NATO’s eastern flank, to which France, as you know, actively contributes. The subject of the enlargement of the European Union will also be the subject of discussions. They will discuss the strengthening of the bilateral partnership, particularly in terms of economic and commercial cooperation.

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