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Challenging Paternalism: Examining Jean-Marc Châtaigner

Ambassador of the European Union in the DRC, Jean-Marc Châtaigner lost pedal by demonstrating to the face of the world that he and his organization support the Kagame regime to such an extent that he ignored the habits and customs that govern diplomacy between countries.

Indeed, not happy and tickled by the comments made by the former minister and national deputy Justin Bitakwira on television, according to which “A Tutsi is a born criminal. […] They are all the same. When you see a Tutsi, a criminal. When he’s in a weak position, he can sleep for six months under your bed. And when he takes the position of strength, he will tell you that he has never seen you yet he slept under your bed for six months. I always wonder if their creator is not the one who created the devil. I have never seen such a wicked race”, the EU diplomat would have directly addressed the Attorney General at the Court of Cassation, to express his indignation and demand that Bitakwira be prosecuted for racism and hatred against Tutsis.

This behavior, which borders on paternalism characterized by neo-colonialism, is first of all very quickly condemned by the accused: “The damage is that we risk returning to the period of colonization without knowing it. When we see an additional ambassador, who only has the minister of foreign affairs as accreditor, start giving injunctions to members of the government (Editor’s note: allusion made to the ministers of justice and human rights), that is a public danger. And also, it should not be ignored that the misfortune which strikes the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the book of Charles Onana, the European Union is complicit”.

If Justin Bitakwira was just indignant, other very angry Congolese not only condemn the silence of the Congolese government to whom they demand a severe warning against the pro-Kagame Frenchman, but also demonstrations for him to leave the country.

“More than 24 hours after Ambassador Châtaigner to the prosecutor and the summons of Mr. Bitakwira, no student in Congolese universities reacts, no association reacts. Are you serious? is this not the recolonization of the country? Normally in a serious country, we would have demanded the immediate and unconditional departure of this ambassador from the DRC. We would even have given 48 hours for this Châtaigner ambassador to leave the DRC. I ask you one thing dear students on all universities, organize a march with the population who understands, take Charles Onana’s book, go give it to Mr. Châtaigner and give him two weeks for him to read the book and answer us. Otherwise, he just has to leave the country, ”declares a rebellious Congolese in a voice widely shared on social networks.

Contacted by Scooprdc.net, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Christophe Lutundula pene Apala, has not yet reacted.

This article is originally published on scooprdc.net

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