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Ukraine’s Arsenal Boost: Leopard Tanks Arriving!

The German government finally gave the green light. He will deliver many Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine to counter Russia. Initially, 14 of these tanks, which are presented as the most efficient in the world, will be sent to the front… pending other shipments. As for the Ukrainian soldiers, they began their training to know how to handle them, in the greatest secrecy. Julien Méchaussie was able to go to eastern Germany, based on the 393 tank battalion. (Replay)

And Czechia was officially the first country to send tanks to the Ukrainian army, in the weeks following the invasion of February 24, 2022. Since then, the Czech authorities have continued to supply Kiev with military equipment. And citizens are also mobilizing. Collections of private donations have also made it possible to equip Ukrainian soldiers. In Prague, Alexis Rosenzweig.

Humanitarian and very political aid

Military aid. Humanitarian aid too. The question arises not only for Ukraine but also for Turkey, hit just a month ago by one of the deadliest earthquakes of the century. More than 50,000 dead in Türkiye and Syria. But in this matter, diplomacy is never very far from humanitarian aid. This is the European eye this week by Franceline Beretti.


Skischam, the shame of skiing

This is a word that made its appearance in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful ski areas in Europe. Global warming, lack of snow and artificial snow cannons working at full speed. Vacationers and professional skiers are beginning to question the relevance of such a model. Now denounced by radical environmentalists. In Switzerland, Jeremie Lanche.

Skiing a little more virtuous

And in Sweden, there is no question of giving up skiing. But rather to ski in a slightly more virtuous way. By consuming less equipment, and by borrowing it. This is why the Friditsbanken were created, 128 in total. Kinds of ski, ice skate or sledge lending libraries. Everything is free. In Stockholm, Carlotta Morteo.

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