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European Court of Auditors’ Electricity Market Failures

A column by Charles Cuvelliez & Patrick Claessens, Polytechnic School of Brussels, ULB. The European Court of Auditors settles its accounts with...

Politics Monitor

Switzerland acts as the “postman” between Washington and Tehran during crises

Washington and Tehran do not have diplomatic relations, but the two enemy capitals can continue to talk to each other thanks to the...


“Baroque” remarks, ambassador summoned… Update on the hiccup between Moscow and Paris

Relations between Paris and Moscow have deteriorated since the start of the year, against a backdrop of conflict in Ukraine. Russia notably claimed...

Politics Monitor

Green Deal 2.0: the vision of the Spanish Minister of Ecology for the next Commission

Strengthening climate action and social justice, restoring confidence in European democracy and “green diplomacy”, this is the vision of Vice-President and Minister of...

EU Agencies

Sudan: More than two billion euros in aid for Sudan collected at the Paris conference

The international community pledged on Monday to provide more than two billion euros to provide humanitarian aid to Sudan, one year to the...

Politics Monitor

Gaza: Israel sends negotiating team to Egypt

Israel has decided to send a negotiating team to Egypt to participate in talks for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. This initiative...


The representative of the European Union in Madagascar is asked to pack her bags

The diplomat greatly irritated the Malagasy president with comments considered too direct, not taking gloves to openly criticize the regime of Andy Rajoelina...