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Cereals, arms and energy: the Russian presence in Africa

Grain exports, arms deliveries, energy cooperation: in recent years, Russia has strengthened its presence in Africa, an increasingly important market for the Russian...

Policy Watch

EU Commission Targets Gradual Ban On Trawling In Protected Areas

In a new action plan published on February 21, the European Commission commits Member States to gradually ban bottom fishing in their marine...


2023’s 50% Chance: Hottest Year on Record – NASA

The effects of El Niño will be felt the most between February and April, according to NASA. According to NASA experts, there is...

Politics Monitor

By Amine Ben Gamra: Calibration Of European Union Diplomacy In Tunisia

After Morocco and Algeria, whose fratricidal war impacts the European Union, France and Spain, here is a new front that stands up for...

Politics Monitor

China Silent: Foreign Minister’s Dismissal Unexplained

China refused to speak on Wednesday the day after the resounding dismissal of its now ex-foreign minister, Qin Gang, who has not appeared...

Politics Monitor

Qatargate Scandal Sparks Fresh Italy Investigations

A federal magistrate and Belgian and Italian police officers carried out investigative duties at the Roman headquarters of the No Peace without Justice...