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EU Agencies

Staffing Woes: Bulgarian EPPO Office In Crisis

The Office of the European Prosecutor General (BPGE) in Sofia is currently experiencing staffing problems. Some of the EU delegate prosecutors who had...


Ex-UCK Member Pjetër Shala On Trial In Hague

The name of Pjetër Shala – also known as “Commander Wolf” – has been mentioned before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former...


Tensions in the West Bank, obstacle to a two-state solution, says Borrel​

The head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell estimated on Sunday that tensions in the West Bank, where attacks by settlers against Palestinians have...


Spain confirms it recognizes Kosovo’s passports but not its independence

Spain now recognizes Kosovo’s passports, the head of its diplomacy confirmed on Monday, but firmly sticks to its line of non-recognition of its...

Foreign Policy

Enhancing Higher Education and Research in Latin America: June 22-23, 2023

The Campus France agency is organising, in coordination with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Higher Education and...

Politics Monitor

Morocco’s Latin America Presence: Areas For Reflection

The tour carried out by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, at the end of November, beginning of December 2004,...