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Israel Must Stop Using Crossings to Starve Gaza: Shoukry

The head of diplomacy, Sameh Shoukry called, Monday May 27, in Brussels, all member states of the European Union to recognize the Palestinian state, as an important step to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy on the basis of the two-state solution on the lines of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Shoukry made the call during a joint meeting of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels with Arab foreign ministers and the secretary general of the Arab League (AL).

“The situation in the Gaza Strip, with an unprecedented increase in the number of deaths which has exceeded thirty-five thousand, the majority of which are women and children, today places all international parties before their legal and humanitarian responsibilities , in the face of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” Shoukry said.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs called on the international community to take decisive positions to impose a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

“It is shocking and unfortunate to see that some countries still do not adequately condemn Israeli violations that violate the provisions of international law and international humanitarian law.”

Shoukry underlined Egypt’s firm commitment to the need to deliver humanitarian aid and relief materials to the Palestinians in Gaza in a comprehensive and unhindered manner.

“Egypt committed from the first day of the outbreak of war to open the Rafah crossing to deliver aid and through landing efforts, in addition to welcoming injured Palestinians and facilitating the establishment of a number of field hospitals and accommodation centers to alleviate the suffering of displaced people in the Gaza Strip.”

The top diplomat insisted that Israel bears full legal responsibility for the humanitarian and security conditions in Gaza and the West Bank in accordance with international law, as the occupying force. “It is time for Israel to refrain from using its control over the crossings as a tool to strengthen the siege and starve the Palestinian people.”

He also stressed the need for concerted international efforts to pressure Israel to end this war and its military operations in the Palestinian city of Rafah, “International condemnations of Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip are become insufficient to put an end to these crimes.”

Shoukry called on the international community to take decisive positions and reactions to end the war in order to spare the blood of innocent civilians and restore security and stability in the region.

“Israel is currently expanding the scope of its military operations in the city of Rafah, which will result in one of the largest genocides against civilians in the 21st century, which will represent a disgrace to the international legal system.”

Besides Spain, Shoukry met his Swedish Foreign Affairs counterpart, Tobias Billström.

During the meeting, the two ministers stressed the importance of prioritizing the political path for a comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian issue by implementing the two-state solution.

Shoukry stressed the importance of European countries taking positive steps, such as those taken by Spain, Ireland and Norway, in recognizing the Palestinian state.

This article is originally published on french.ahram.org.eg

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