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Mikati justifies European bribery in the context of the Syrian issue

Outgoing Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Saturday that “the rumor that Europe would pay Lebanon a bribe to keep Syrian refugees on its territory is unfounded.”

These comments come following reactions to the visit to the Grand Serail of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the Cypriot President Níkos Khrístodoulos. The announcement of a billion-euro package granted to Lebanon by the European Union (EU) has raised a lot of questions on the local political scene, as to its aims and the possible threat it poses. to Lebanese sovereignty.

In a statement published by his press office, Mr. Mikati recalled that “this donation is totally unconditional and intended exclusively for Lebanon and the Lebanese.”

In this context, he considered that the “political and media campaign” carried out in recent days, with its “sarcastic tone”, constitutes “an offense to serious and responsible Lebanese diplomacy”. According to him, the granting of this donation is the fruit of his own diplomatic efforts “led with various foreign parties”, in an attempt to find a “governmental resolution” to the question of displaced Syrians. He thus affirmed his desire to continue this diplomatic campaign during the Brussels conference, which will be held before the end of May.

The financial aid granted by the EU concerns “the health and education sectors, social protection and the poorest families. It is also intended to help the army and security forces, including the General Security and the Internal Security Forces, to control the land borders and to increase their numbers and equipment,” said the outgoing Prime Minister.

As for the procedures proposed by the Lebanese state for the repatriation of Syrians from Lebanon, Mr. Mikati reiterated “the determination of the government to apply the laws throughout Lebanese territory”, affirming that “any person residing there illegally will be expelled to their country”, and this in an “indisputable” manner.

As for the EU’s decision to open its doors to Lebanese in the context of seasonal migration, Mr. Mikati clarified that “the intention is not to encourage Lebanese to emigrate, but to give them access to seasonal employment opportunities abroad, announced by European countries.

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