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European elections: Raphaël Glucksmann insists on Ukraine

Raphaël Glucksmann has so far failed to get to kyiv during the campaign, so it was kyiv that came to him, writes Aurélien Devernoix, from RFI’s political service. And in front of Vitaliy Klitschko, the head of the PS list – Place publique in the European elections of June 2024 displays his unfailing support for Ukraine: “The truth of Europe today is in the trenches in the east, in the north and south of Ukraine. And it is our common future that is at stake every day that passes in Ukraine. »

A message perfectly heard by the mayor of kyiv: “I cross my fingers for people like him who understand how important it is to stop this war and we need these people who fight for it. »

The crucial question, “ammunition” for Ukraine

“The situation is very difficult,” continues Vitaliy Klitschko. We need ammunition. We have a big deficit in weapons, in modern weapons. This is why we need immediate support. In kyiv, we have air alerts two or three times a day and everyone has to take refuge in shelters. We need more protection: air defense is very important for us, anti-missile systems. This question is a priority. Regarding the sending of ground troops, Emmanuel Macron and the French will decide for themselves, but the crucial question is ammunition, it is much more important. »

Words that ring sweet in the ears of the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, great organizer of this majestic evening for Raphaël Glucksmann: “He is running a great campaign, he is giving a new perspective of what the left can be in France. »

Seizure of Russian funds

But, for Raphaël Glucksmann, the opportunity is also good to target his closest European rival, Valérie Hayer, by targeting his boss, Emmanuel Macron: “Have we multiplied by twelve our production of 155 mm shells, as did the Germans, who are not yet the spearhead of support for Ukraine? No, in France, we have not done that.” And to propose the creation of a European defense fund of 100 billion euros, and the seizure of some 200 billion in Russian funds blocked in Europe.

This article is originally published on .rfi.fr

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