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Hamas “apologizes” to residents of Palestinian enclave for suffering caused by conflict

For the first time in six months, Hamas “apologies” to the residents of the Gaza Strip for the suffering caused by the war. In a press release published on Telegram on the evening of Sunday March 31, the Palestinian Islamist movement recognizes the “exhaustion” of the population and the difficulties caused by the war against the Israeli army.

By sending “a message of thanks to the people”, Hamas also reiterates its desire to continue this war which, according to it, must make it possible to obtain “victory and freedom” for the Palestinians. Movement, considered terrorist by the European Union and the United States, in particular, insists on the measures it says it tried to put in place to reduce the difficulties, in particular by trying to “control prices” within the limit of its capabilities “given the current attack.”

Hamas also claimed to have exchanged with “all components” of Gazan society, mentioning other armed movements, “popular committees” and “families” to “resolve the problems caused by the occupation”.

Humanitarian needs are immense in this territory already undermined before the war by an Israeli blockade imposed since 2006, poverty and unemployment. Aid is trickling in and most of the population has been displaced to the southernmost part, around Rafah, near the closed Egyptian border. This city, which had fewer than 300,000 inhabitants before the war, is now home to more than a million, according to UN estimates.

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