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One year of war in Sudan: a France-EU-Germany conference in Paris in mid-April

Objective: to highlight this forgotten crisis and release humanitarian funds that meet the needs.

On April 15, it will be one year since the war in Sudan began. On that day, the European Union, France and Germany will organize a major international humanitarian conference at ministerial level. It will take place in three stages, in the French capital.

In the morning, a political meeting will bring together all the actors involved in the resolution of the conflict: from Sudan’s neighbors to countries participating in mediation efforts. Around the table will be the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates but also the UN, the African Union, the European Union and IGAD. In total, around twenty countries and international organizations will participate in the exchanges. The idea being, according to the entourage of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, to bring together “all the really essential actors if we want to succeed in putting pressure on the belligerents and succeed in resolving this crisis. »

Because the objective of this meeting is to enable the international community to be collectively more effective in achieving, firstly, the opening of humanitarian access and a ceasefire, then to promote the resumption of a peace process.

This first meeting will be followed in the afternoon by a donor conference with the presence of international and Sudanese NGOs. A figure for pledges should be communicated at the end. At the same time, a meeting of Sudanese civil society will take place throughout the day. If the urgency is to finance the humanitarian crisis, “the solution to this conflict”, those around Stéphane Séjourné estimate, “cannot be done without Sudanese civilians”.

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