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Kinshasa: disruptions in the supply of electricity announced following rising waters in Zongo

The heavy rains which fell during the night of March 28 to 29 caused serious flooding in the Kongo-Central province, even submerging the turbine of the Zongo I hydroelectric power station.

The National Electricity Company (SNEL) indicates that following these floods, group No. 4 of the Zongo I hydroelectric plant which supplies Kinshasa was withdrawn on Friday March 29.

“The national electricity company, production department, informs its customers of the voluntary withdrawal of group no. 4 (GZ14), this morning at 02:10 UT, from the Zongo I hydroelectric power station (Kongo central Province) following the rising water levels, during the night of 03/28 to 29/2024, of the Inkisi River with the consequence of flooding the power station up to the turbine level,” we read in this press release from the national company electricity.

Without specifying the duration of the work, the Kinshasa Distribution Department reassures its customers affected by this inconvenience.

“SNEL reassures its customers that its intervention teams are working to quickly restore the situation and apologizes to them for the inconvenience due to global warming with its harmful consequences on our installations,” she said. know.

In December 2023, the heavy rains which fell in the same region of the country led to the isolation of the SNEL post of Utexco, causing a power cut in part of the communes of Gombe, Kintambo and Ngaliema .

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