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Emmanuel Macron and Lula want to avoid the fragmentation of the world

From the outset, Lula delivered the message that Emmanuel Macron wanted to hear: “Our countries represent a bridge between the global South and the developed world,” said the Brazilian president, all smiles on a platform set up at the Planalto Palace. For French diplomacy, the message is received five out of five at a time when Brazil holds the presidency of the G20. Because despite the differences between Paris and Brasilia on the war in Ukraine or Gaza, it is considered fundamental that these subjects must not “take hostage” the issues of the G20.

“We must not take the G20 hostage or block it, because of the differences that may exist between this or that country, particularly on Gaza,” we hope at the Elysée. Emmanuel Macron, who already visited India recently, is still due to receive Xi Jinping in Paris in May, and continues to weave his web to get closer to the Global South and avoid the logic of world fragmentation.

Even if Lula continues to defend his “pacifist” position on the Russian-Ukrainian issue (“the two belligerents will have to come to an agreement”, he says), he claims to “share the same vision of the world” as France. For his part, Emmanuel Macron assures that “we have no lessons to give to anyone”.

EU-Mercosur agreement in breach

There is also a big disagreement over the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur, desired by Lula but considered obsolete by Emmanuel Macron, due to the new imperatives linked to the fight against climate change.

“We are collectively crazy if we make trade agreements today like we did them twenty years ago,” says the French president. And we are crazy to continue in this logic of agreement and, besides that, to hold major meetings in G20, to make COPs to say: we, the climate, biodiversity, we are going to do great things if in At the same time, these agreements hinder the efforts we are making to decarbonize our economies or fight for biodiversity.” Lula limits himself on this point to a statement of disagreement, hoping for a future multilateral negotiation.

However, nothing seems to separate the two men, who have established a real bond between them. Emmanuel Macron evokes “the reciprocal fascination that there has always been between our researchers, our intellectuals, our artists and by the economic trust that binds us”.

As an extension of the investments and economic links established during this visit, a major “cross” cultural season between the two countries must take place from next April. Lula has already been invited to Paris to be part of the party. The two presidents never leave each other!

This article is originally published on lesechos.fr

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