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Israel plans to strengthen Passover travel warnings amid threats

While the conflict between Israel and Palestinian armed groups has raged for several months, the Israeli authorities are alarmed by an increase in terrorist threats targeting their nationals and Jewish communities abroad. According to reports Monday evening, the Mossad, Israeli intelligence services, and the Office of Counterterrorism are considering strengthening travel warnings in anticipation of the Passover holiday, a period favorable to travel.

Since the start of hostilities, Mossad claims to have foiled, in cooperation with foreign intelligence services, dozens of attempted attacks that were about to be carried out against Israeli and Jewish targets. Recently, suspects linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were arrested in five countries, including Italy, the Netherlands and Peru, in possession of photos of potentially targeted sites.

Faced with the persistence of the threat, experts are calling on Israeli travelers to be vigilant. They are advised to consult the National Security Council website before any departure abroad in order to be aware of any warnings and security instructions in force for their destination.

This article is originally published on i24news.tv

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