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Martinique will receive 601 million credits from Europe for the next seven years

From the current period to the previous one, Martinique will receive 601 million euros, or 182 million euros less. This drop is a clear sign that the budgetary effort of the European Union (EU) takes into account the needs and demands of the poorest countries, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Greece in particular. The often bitter negotiations between the different governments and the European Commission (the central government of the EU institutions) ended, as usual, with compromises.

Each of the 26 EU Member States defines a development strategy more or less consistent with that adopted at EU level. This strategy makes it possible to finance programs previously defined between the different partners: government, local authorities, parapublic organizations, businesses, associations and individuals.

Funds distributed after tough negotiations

Subsequently, the main strategies are broken down over a seven-year plan into Operational Programs, or OPs. The next multi-year plan running from 2021 to 2027 is called the Program, or PRG. A semantic modification without impact on the materiality of financing, called “European structural funds”.

A budget is allocated to the 26 member states of the EU. Then each State organizes the methods and timetable for distributing these budgetary envelopes on its territory. For France, responsibility for managing these funds falls jointly to the State and the regions, or their equivalent – the CTM in Martinique, the CTG in Guyana.

These two programs go hand in hand. They feed into the economic, social and territorial cohesion policy according to the nine major priorities defined at the end of the negotiations.

The total that Martinique will have to collect amounts to 600,598,023 million euros.

To these sums distributed according to requests from stakeholders by the State and the CTM, two other funds are added:

a part of the envelope of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), amounting to 86 million euros;

a share of the European Fund for Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture (FEAMPA), of the order of 17 million euros, included in the envelope allocated to France in the amount of 567 million.

During the period 2014-2020, Martinique received 783 million euros. They were intended in particular to:

· promote education and employment of young people

· support agricultural producers, maritime professions (fishermen in particular) and small and medium-sized businesses

· support innovation in favor of the environment (waste reduction, water management, protection of biodiversity).

The OP 2014-2020 foreclosed on December 31, 2023 made it possible to finance 1,165 projects in our territory. The amount of investments exceeded 1.7 billion euros, including 890 million from FEDER and FSE funds.

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