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Bardella details his EU skills strategy

Jordan Bardella, head of the RN list for the European elections, presented Thursday a “tricolor strategy” aimed at determining at the community level the cooperation that he “approves”, the files for which he demands “new conditions” and “the red lines”, notably immigration.

The “tricolor strategy”, with its green, orange and red lights, “is intended, precisely at the dawn of these European elections, to clarify our intentions”, argued the president of the National Rally, three days before a meeting in Marseille which must launch its campaign.

“The green files bring together the cooperation currently underway which we approve and which we will support”, he explained, citing the Erasmus student exchange program, “the pooling of material resources for Civil Protection”, or “the industrial, economic and scientific cooperation on major future projects.

The files for which he wants “new and special conditions” are marked with an orange light, in particular free movement in the Schengen area, which he wants “exclusively reserved” for European nationals, or the single market, by demanding to be able to “promote our businesses at the national level”.

The management of immigration “within our States”, “energy sovereignty”, diplomacy, defense “including the ownership of our nuclear deterrent”, on the other hand, constitute “red lines”, as do an enlargement of the Union or the transition from unanimity to qualified majority for decision-making in the EU.

“We often remember what we disagree on, but we have not had the opportunity to say what we agree on and which could be the subject of a common program with our European allies “, Marine Le Pen explained to AFP on the sidelines of this press conference.

Jordan Bardella assumed that “the outcome of this + tricolor + strategy aims to redefine the bases of a new treaty which will be that of the + European Alliance of Nations +. “It is not planned that we propose this treaty of here on June 9”, European election day, he said.

“We will perhaps do it between now and the next presidential election,” he added.

While the head of the macronie list, Valérie Hayer, denounced Thursday in Le Figaro “the crass imposture” of the boss of the RN by warning against “a Brexit from within if the Eurosceptics are in the majority”, the one who prances at the top of the voting intentions (30% against 18% for the Renaissance-MoDem-Horizons list) referred it to “Emmanuel Macron’s record on the European and French level”.

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