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Attack on Moroccan trucks in Europe: Diplomacy has come into action​

The government responded to the campaign of attacks on Moroccan goods in Europe. Mustapha Baitas, spokesperson for the executive, announced Thursday, at a press conference following the Governing Council, that Morocco reacted through diplomatic channels to resolve this problem.

“Diplomatic channels have been activated to protect Moroccan products,” said the government spokesperson in response to a question on the Kingdom’s reaction to the campaign of attacks on trucks loaded with Moroccan products in European countries. , notably Spain.

On Monday, Morocco officially reacted to the attacks suffered by Moroccan trucks through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, who warned against “dangerous shortcuts”. He was referring to the campaigns of farmers and nationalist politicians, relayed by the media of certain European countries without checking the figures and who suggest that Europe would be flooded with Moroccan products and that they would compete unfairly with local products. .

“The European Union is presented to us as a sort of sieve where everything fits without problem, but we have negotiated quotas, phytosanitary standards, and the European Union has been very finicky with the conditions,” he declared.

The head of diplomacy stressed that the Kingdom and the European Union were linked by a free trade agreement which was duly negotiated by both, and particularly by the EU, noting “free trade cannot be the map “.

He recalled important figures for those who stand today against Moroccan exports of fruits and vegetables to Europe, considering themselves wronged, affirming that the trade balance between Morocco and the European Union was to the advantage of the EU and that it made a surplus of 10 billion euros.

“If we only talk about agriculture, the European Union has a surplus with Morocco of almost 600 million euros and it is the European Union which exports the most agricultural products to Morocco (cereals and others). And so today putting pressure on products from the south is not fair,” he declared alongside his French counterpart Stéphane Séjourné.

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