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The Japanese Embassy strengthens its partnership with Mahajanga

The Japanese ambassador, Abe Koji, has been visiting the City of Flowers since Wednesday to strengthen his country’s partnership with Mahajanga. He met the president of the special delegation (PDS) of the urban commune of Mahajanga, Tonganirina Zafiarinefo Velomary, at the Town Hall. The Japanese Embassy donated an incinerator to the Androva University Hospital two years ago.

“I have been living in Madagascar for a year and this is my first visit to Mahajanga. My stay will allow me to visit my country’s projects in this city, including the Mother-Child complex at Androva University Hospital,” he declares.

However, this visit mainly focused on Japan’s economic exchanges with the Boeny region. There is also talk of exploring other partnership prospects, including fishing. Japan is one of the countries investing in the fishing sector in Madagascar. This sector constitutes one of the pillars of the Mahajanga economy. The country of the rising sun has mainly contributed to the fight against illegal fishing, through a donation of five fast boats for the coastal towns of Madagascar, including Mahajanga.

“The supervisory ministry encourages communities to expand and strengthen partnerships. We are honored to welcome you and to be able to share and discuss the development projects of the municipality. We hope that your visit will result in a concrete partnership between our two parties,” indicates the PDS.

Ambassador Abe Koji previously met with the governor of the Boeny region, Mokhtar Andriantomanga, at the administrative block in Ampasikina. “The region has many resources, but the financial problem remains a handicap. We are seeking direct cooperation with Japan for the implementation of the regional development plan through agriculture, livestock, fishing and tourism.”

“Possible exchanges and aid could be carried out, in particular the granting of production machines from Japan and ammonium sulfate as fertilizer, supplied by the Ambatovy factory. We are waiting for the answers. Likewise, educational projects such as building a school in six months and sending young people for short-term training to Japan are possible. On the other hand, other requests must await the Japanese Council of Ministers,” promises the Japanese diplomat.

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