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London mayor seeks youth mobility pact amid Brexit changes

The mayor of the British capital spoke of either a new program that would allow young people to travel unhindered to and from European Union countries or changing the post-Brexit rules.

He criticized the Conservative government for its extremely tough approach to Brexit – the UK’s exit from the EU. He also appeared to attack the Labor Party’s “omerta”, or pact of silence, to prevent the party from discussing a potential economic reintegration of the European bloc.

Mr Khan, who is seeking a third term in municipal elections in May, said reinstating the customs union should be on the table when the Brexit deal is reassessed in 2024.

He added that the capital London has particularly suffered from Brexit. “The government’s tough stance on Brexit has wreaked havoc across London, and it is its young people who have been hit hardest in many ways,” said the mayor.

“Not only is it more difficult for young people to move abroad for work, but the government’s poor decision to leave the Erasmus program has made it more difficult for students to study abroad as well.”

“I am very clear that I will support a mobility program for young people, which will benefit us economically, culturally and socially,” pointed out the Londoner. “Although the UK is no longer part of the EU, London is and always will be a European city.”

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