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EU aims for streaming sector regulation with improved pay.

MEPs, by an overwhelming majority, adopted a resolution on Wednesday calling for a revival of the streaming music sector. The sharing of income generated by this sector is considered too unbalanced and disadvantages lesser-known artists. Currently, a majority of authors and performers receive very low remuneration, a situation that this resolution seeks to rectify.

An urgent reform of royalties
“Royalty rates prior to the digital age” are particularly targeted. MEPs also condemn “payola” practices, where authors are forced to accept lower or no income in exchange for greater visibility. This system, described as unfair, requires a review to ensure fairer remuneration for creators.

Beyond financial aspects, the resolution underlines the need to preserve European cultural and linguistic diversity in music. Faced with the massive increase in content on platforms, European works risk being eclipsed. MEPs are considering measures such as imposing quotas on European musical works to ensure their visibility and accessibility.

This aspect of the resolution is particularly relevant in a context where streaming platforms, like Spotify, are accused of favoring major labels and famous artists, to the detriment of musical diversity.

Another crucial aspect of the resolution: the transparency of the algorithms and recommendation tools of streaming platforms. MEPs call for measures to prevent unfair practices, such as the manipulation of listening figures which would have the effect of reducing artists’ remuneration. The proposal to introduce a label for songs generated by artificial intelligence and stricter measures against deepfakes on these platforms are also mentioned.

This measure aims to protect not only the income of artists, but also to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of musical works presented to the public.

The European Parliament’s resolution is not a law, but it constitutes an urgent call to the European Commission to legislate and improve the situation. It represents an important step towards a more equitable and diverse music industry in Europe. Streaming platforms, which represent 67% of global turnover in the music sector, are therefore called upon to play a central role in promoting musical diversity and supporting artists from all backgrounds.

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