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Except in France, Europeans mostly optimistic about the future of the EU

More than half of those surveyed in European Union member states are optimistic about the future of the EU, except in France, where pessimism prevails, according to a Eurobarometer poll published on Wednesday (6 December) at six month of the European elections.

The Danes and Irish are the most confident, with 83% “very” or “somewhat” optimistic.

This proportion is 58% for Germans, 55% for Hungarians.

It falls below 50% in only one country, France, where only 46% of respondents say they are optimistic, surpassed by pessimists (49%). This gloom seems to have gained ground in three years, since 52% of French people were, according to a survey at the end of 2020, “very” or “rather” optimistic about the future (compared to 44% pessimists).

Across all 27 EU countries, however, 48% of respondents believe that “things are going in the wrong direction” in the EU (compared to 33% who think “things are going in the right direction”).

But 61% of those surveyed consider their country’s membership of the EU to be a good thing – a proportion roughly stable compared to September 2018. And some 70% of Europeans believe that the EU’s actions have “an impact on their daily lives”.

Just over half (53%) think that the Russian invasion of Ukraine should be an opportunity to accelerate EU enlargement. This proportion, however, decreased compared to April-May 2022, a few months after Moscow launched the war.

Six months before the European elections on June 6-9, during which citizens of the 27 member states will be called upon to elect 720 MEPs, only 28% of Europeans are aware of the date of this election. A majority (57%), however, says they are interested in these elections.

And if 64% of Europeans have “recently read, seen or heard something about the European Parliament”, this is only 41% in France.

The Eurobarometer published on Wednesday is based on 26,523 interviews carried out between September 25 and October 19 with a European population aged 15 and over in the 27 Member States.

This article is originally published on lesfrancais.press

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