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France Ranks Third Globally in Millionaires

France is now the third country in the world to have the most millionaires: this is one of the main lessons of the 2023 edition of the report on global wealth, produced jointly this year by the Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS – which bought the first last June. With 2.8 million millionaires (in dollars) recorded in 2022, or 4.8% of the planet’s millionaires, France this year overtook Japan, now at the foot of the podium (2.7 million).

France remains, however, far from the first two countries in the ranking, the United States and China. The country of Uncle Sam remains largely at the top of the charts, concentrating 38.2% of the world total with 22.7 million millionaires. China has 6.2 million, or 10.5% of the world total. In this ranking, France therefore surpasses the other great power of the European Union, Germany, which is positioned in fifth place with 2.6 million millionaires. The United Kingdom comes just behind (2.5 million), followed by Canada. Next in the ranking are Australia, Italy, South Korea, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland, each of which is home to between 1 and 2 million millionaires.

Global drop in the number of millionaires

Contrary to the global global trend, the number of millionaires in France remained stable in 2022, increasing by 25 individuals compared to 2021. On a planetary scale, the number of millionaires fell by 3.5 million last year – to rise at the end of 2022 to 59.4 million -, “due to the decline in average wealth and the abandonment of financial assets”, explains the report. The number of millionaires has thus fallen by 1.8 million in the United States in one year, by 466,000 in Japan or 439,000 in the United Kingdom. Only a few countries recorded relatively small increases in their number of millionaires, such as Norway (+104,000), Iran (+104,000) or Brazil (+120,000).

The annual study by Credit Suisse and UBS also looked at “ultra-rich” individuals, those with assets of more than $50 million. In this game, it is still the United States that dominates, even more outrageously than in the ranking of millionaires. They are home to more than half of these individuals, or 123,870 people. China once again comes second (32,910), ahead of Germany (9,100), India (5,480), Canada (4,560) and Russia (4,490). France is only ninth (3890).

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