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Vote Now: 5 Compelling Reasons For European Elections

The European elections offer citizens a unique opportunity to express themselves on the future of Europe. Decisions taken at European level have a significant impact on our daily lives, whether it concerns environmental protection, social rights, mobility or foreign policy. By voting, we can help shape a fairer, more sustainable and more inclusive Europe.

Members of the European Parliament play an important role in the decision-making and legislative processes of the European Union. They actively participate in the drafting, modification and adoption of European Union laws and directives. They propose amendments, discuss legislative proposals and vote on documents to be submitted to the European Parliament. The European Parliament is the legislative body of the European Union. They represent the people of Europe and are elected by universal suffrage every five years. MEPs work with other EU institutions, in particular the European Commission and the Council of the European Union, to develop and implement European policies. They are the voice of European citizens and play an important role in the democratic legislative process of the European Union.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important to vote in the next European elections:

1. Strengthen European climate policy

The European Union plays a key role in the fight against climate change. Since environmental policy requires cross-border cooperation, EU rules and directives cover a wide range, and the EU has power to influence the world through its decisions, this is a scale relevant to support ambitious ecological policies. By participating in the European elections, we influence the EU’s climate policy and its global role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have the opportunity to elect representatives who support and reinforce EU climate policy, including emissions targets, the development of renewable energy and the transition to a more sustainable economy. It is a way of ensuring that the European Green New Deal is fair.

2. Exercise your rights as European citizens and strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the European Union

Participation in European elections is an act of democratic participation. By expressing our choices, we can shape the composition of the European Parliament and influence decisions that directly affect our daily lives and our future in Europe. Every vote counts and influences the direction Europe takes. Your directly elected MEPs represent your interests and concerns at European level. They act as intermediaries between citizens and EU institutions. Never underestimate the power of your voice.

3. Combat the rise of nationalist movements

The European elections are an opportunity to counter the rise of nationalist and populist movements in Europe. These movements pose a threat to democracy because they carry authoritarian ideas that challenge fundamental democratic principles such as the rule of law, freedom of expression and human rights. Their anti-pluralistic rhetoric and populist leanings can undermine democratic institutions and the very foundations of democracy.

If you don’t vote, you vote for the extreme right. Conversely, by voting, we can support parties and parliamentarians who share a vision of Europe based on cooperation, solidarity and mutual respect.

4. Defend a social Europe

Your vote will also help to defend workers’ rights, European social protection, health for all, gender equality and social inclusion at European level. The objective of European social policies is to ensure minimum standards of social protection and to promote social justice throughout the European Union. The European Union has structural and social funds which financially support projects and initiatives aimed at reducing social inequalities and promoting economic and social development.

5. Develop international cooperation

Members of the European Parliament represent the European Union vis-à-vis other countries and international organisations. They participate in parliamentary delegations, conferences and international negotiations, thus contributing to parliamentary diplomacy and international cooperation.

Participation in the European elections is essential for our democratic participation, our ability to influence European politics and our desire to promote a united, progressive and ambitious Europe to fight against climate change. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of Europe. Let us not ignore this power in our hands and make our voice heard in the European elections.

This article is originally published on sauvonsleurope.eu

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