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Unfulfilled Preconditions: No Deal With Kyiv

The Kremlin spokesman said on June 11 that a peace agreement with Ukraine was not possible at this time, regretting the absence of a basis, “even fragile”, to open negotiations.

“None of the conditions precedent to an agreement [with Kiev] is not met,” Dmitry Peskov told Russia 1, answering a question about the chances of reaching a compromise.

“There is no basis for dialogue, even a fragile one”, the Kremlin spokesperson further specified, explaining this situation by the refusal of the Ukrainian government and by the prohibition in principle opposed to any negotiation by the “masters [from across the Atlantic]”.

Dmitri Peskov also criticized the strategy of Washington and London: “Containing our country is an absolute constant in American and British politics.

At the end of May 2023, through the voice of Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galouzin quoted by the TASS agency, Russian diplomacy set the conditions for an end to the fighting, but also for Ukraine to renounce entering NATO and the European Union and return to a neutral status and, finally, protect the rights of Russian-speaking citizens.

The adviser to the Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podoliak criticized in return on Twitter “the factual and legal incapacity of the Russian leadership” and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops, the recognition of the sovereignty of post-Soviet states, the creation of a zone demilitarized on Russian territory and the reduction of the number of Long Range missiles. He also called for the convening of an international conference devoted to the control of the Russian nuclear arsenal and the legally established “reparations”, including in particular the transfer to Ukraine of Russian assets placed abroad. .

Dmitry Peskov made the remarks on the eve of the first meeting in Paris of the “Weimar Triangle”, bringing together French, German and Polish leaders with the aim of coordinating military aid to Ukraine and considering for the country security guarantees.

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