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Renfe Under EU Investigation For Anticompetitive Practices

The European Commission has opened an investigation to determine whether the train operator Renfe may have abused its dominant position in the Spanish passenger rail market by refusing to provide all of its content and real-time data to competing ticketing platforms.

The European Commission is concerned that Renfe, Spain’s state-owned incumbent rail operator, may have restricted competition in the Spanish market for online rail ticketing services by refusing to provide third-party ticketing platforms with the full content of its range of tickets, its discounts and its specificities, but also real-time data (before, during and after the journey) relating to its rail passenger transport services.

It has therefore just opened an investigation into possible anti-competitive practices, in order to determine whether Renfe was able to abuse its dominant position on the Spanish passenger rail transport market.

“Renfe currently offers its content and real-time data on its own websites and apps, but it may have refused to provide direct access to this information to third-party ticketing platforms.

The latter display the offers of different rail carriers and provide customers with online search, comparison, reservation and payment services. They must have access to all of Renfe’s real-time content and data to adapt their offers to customer needs, underlines the European Commission in a press release.

The Commission is concerned that Renfe’s alleged refusal to provide such real-time content and data could prevent the platforms from competing with Renfe’s own direct digital channels to the detriment of consumers.”

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