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List of Candidates for 2023 Senate Elections

Johan Dessing is the leader of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) in the Senate elections. This has been announced by the party in a video.

Dessing has been a member of the Senate since June 2019. Since March 31, 2022, he is the only remaining member of the FVD party and is also the party chairman. In addition to his membership in the Senate, he is also a member of the Provincial Council of North Holland and is an air traffic controller at Schiphol.

Announcement From FVD

On Monday, February 20, FVD announced the complete list of the Senate. In the top five of the list, in addition to party leader Dessing, are Joris van Oetlaar, Simone Kerseboom, Tom Russcher and Anton van Schijndel. It is striking that a number of members on the list are also members of the House of Representatives; Simone Kerseboom (3), Gideon van Meijeren (23) and the last of the list Thierry Baudet (25). Finally, Marcel de Graaff, Member of the European Parliament, is also on the list (13). Someone cannot be a member of the Senate, the House of Representatives or the European Parliament at the same time. Candidates who want to take their seat in the Senate will therefore have to renounce their membership of the European Parliament or the House of Representatives.

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