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Morocco And Israel Unite In Artillery Collaboration

The Moroccan delegation, chaired by General Mohamed Benawali, completed its visit to Israel a few days ago, where it observed the latest strategic and technical developments in the field of artillery. A new field of cooperation between Rabat and Tel Aviv. Details.

“Mission accomplished” for the Moroccan delegation that visited Israel. Chaired by Major General Mohamed Benawali, FAR Artillery Inspector, the delegation made this visit as part of the strengthening of military cooperation between Morocco and Israel, which has continued to strengthen over the of the previous two years.

According to the FAR-Morocco Forum, which published photos of this visit, it is “a great success”. General Benawali met his Israeli counterpart, Brigadier General Neri Horowitz with whom he discussed the prospects for developing cooperation in the field of artillery. On this occasion, the Moroccan delegation took note of the latest technological and technical innovations in artillery systems. The Moroccan general visited several military sites for this purpose, according to IDF spokesman Avichay Adraee.

The capacity building of Moroccan artillery by Israeli technology would also have been on the agenda according to FAR-Morocco.

Indeed, this visit is part of the implementation of the military agreement signed between the two countries, in November 2021, during the visit of the former Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, to Morocco. Since then, the two countries have strengthened dialogue at the highest level, knowing that the former Head of the IDF, Aviv Kokhavi, and his Moroccan counterpart, the Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Belkhir El Farouk, have exchanged visits.

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