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Tebboune Commits Africa To UN Security Council

President Tebboune underlined his attachment to the African demand for granting the continent two permanent seats on the UN Security Council, reiterating his commitment to take advantage of Algeria’s presence from 2024 in of this international institution to redress the historic injustice done to Africa.

In an address during the deliberations of the ministerial meeting of the Committee of Ten of the African Union (AU) on the reform of the United Nations Security Council held on the occasion of the 36th Commitment of Heads of State and Government of the AU, read on its behalf yesterday in Addis Ababa by the Prime Minister, President Tebboune recalled the need to allow the continent to obtain two permanent seats within the UN body and to increase its quota of representativeness in the level of non-permanent seats, from three to five seats, in accordance with the tenor of the “Ezulwini consensus” and the “Sirte declaration”.

“For Algeria, the question of the reform of the Security Council is imperative to achieve a more representative, fairer and more balanced world order,” President Tebboune said in his speech.

And this, by arguing by a delicate international context marked by a succession of crises and their repercussions bearing the beginnings of new changes in the balance of power on the international scene”.

But also by the “multifaceted and multidimensional threats that affect the peace and security of Africa, such as the phenomenon of terrorism, wars, climate change, food, energy and health crises accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic. and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict”.

“Maintain This Momentum of International Support”

Faced with this deleterious situation, President Tebboune stressed Algeria’s commitment to taking advantage of its pivotal role and its strategic and diplomatic assets, in favor of Africa’s legitimate right to access the Security Council such as stipulated in the declaration of Sirte and the consensus of Ezulwini.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to make Africa’s voice and its legitimate demands heard and to redress the historic injustice done to our continent,” he reassured.

In this sense, he reiterated “Algeria’s commitment to work together with the member countries of the committee to maintain this momentum of international support, important and increasingly growing in favor of the position African Union”, with the aim of “making progress in the talks on the reform of the Security Council”.

Unified African Position

However, the African continent obtaining permanent membership in the Security Council is dependent on the success of intergovernmental negotiations within the framework of the UN General Assembly, noted Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

He underlined, in this context, the imperative of unifying the ranks of African countries, and their word on the international scene and of committing themselves to respecting the decisions of the AU (…) to “speak of a single African voice” until “satisfying the requirements of the unified African position”.

Libyan Crisis: Optimism is in Order

Finally, with regard to the Libyan crisis, President Tebboune hailed “the new momentum recently launched to activate the inter-Libyan dialogue process and launch dialogue initiatives between the Libyan brothers aimed at bringing views closer together, establishing mutual trust and expand consensus.

Citing as an example the return of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee to meetings to follow up on the implementation of the agreed decisions on the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters, the ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners, the President Tebboune reiterated Algeria’s call for the withdrawal of foreign parties.

“Algeria will spare no effort, within the framework of the group of neighboring countries of Libya, in collaboration with the regional and international organizations concerned, in order to preserve the security and stability of the neighboring countries, directly impacted by the situation in this country,” he added.

Also, Algeria insists on “the imperative treatment of outstanding challenges through the unification of military and financial institutions in Libya”, while displaying “its availability to contribute to the outcome of the Libyan national reconciliation process, in collaboration with the AU, to reach a common ground strengthening internal national unity, able to allow Libya to recover the place that suits it on the international scene”, he further insisted.

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