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Potential Pfizer Scandal After Qatargate

The American daily The New York Times has taken legal action to compel the European Commission to publish text messages exchanged between its President, Ursula von der Leyen, and the CEO of Pfizer laboratories, Albert Bourla. The suspicions relate to the negotiation of a contract for 1.8 billion doses of vaccine against Covid-19.

When journalist Alexander Fanta requested access to these messages, the Commission replied that it had not “identified” them and that it could no longer find them. In July 2022, the European mediator Emily O’Reilly severely criticized the European Commission and considered that the lack of will to find these text messages was a warning signal: “the processing of this request for access to documents leaves the regrettable impression of a European institution that is not frank on issues of major public interest”, she added. As for Ms. Jourova, European Commissioner for Transparency, she explains to us that the SMS have self-deleted…

If these suspicions prove to be correct, they demonstrate that the European Union is affected by a serious problem of corruption. Between certain socialist MEPs who receive money from Qatar, the European Commission which maintains vague relations with a pharmaceutical giant or with consulting firms like McKinsey, we have some cleaning to do. We will make sure that all the light is shed on these cases!

This article is originally published on libertepolitique.com

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