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Drones Revolutionize Moroccan Sahara: A Game-Changer

It is a fact, the Polisario is in its small shoes, after the episode of the border post of Guerguerat, the door of the Kingdom to the depths of Africa. Since then, many things have come to clean up and correct this situation caused by separatists in desperation.

Paradoxically, it even made it possible to better secure the southern provinces of the Kingdom and its buffer zones which are an integral part of Moroccan territory. Also, any transgression of this state is subject to a severe response.

According to The Spanish Site

The latter, according to the Spanish site “Defensa”, specializing in military affairs, is reflected in the drone strike force of the Royal Air Forces (FRA) which now rules this part of our territory. Indeed, since the acquisition of drones by the Kingdom, the situation has changed significantly in the conflict. They pushed the separatist movement back to its lowest corners in its camps in Algeria. At that time, the FRA had started using Wing Loong 1 (Chinese) drones, which they had obtained from the United Arab Emirates.

And from the first months of 2021, “if they remember”, the Polisario separatists will tell you how on April 7, 2021, for their commander of the gendarmerie and the men accompanying him, the song stopped near the Moroccan wall in the Tifariti area. It was, through the use of these systems in combat, the start of a new defense strategy.

Therefore, in the absence of operations on the ground, the Polisario, which has in spite of itself realized its impotence, is trying to wage a virtual war on us, by correspondence if we can say so and through the publication of at least a thousand press releases, each as untruthful as the other.

Impassive, the FAR did not stop at that, and their drones continued their missions, causing casualties among the mercenaries with each intervention. It’s simple, at the slightest attempt to enter or introduce weapons into the buffer zone, the “Lions” are released. These unmanned aerial assets were subsequently accelerated with the arrival and deployment of Bayraktar TB2 batches, allowing more precise bombing operations as well as reconnaissance operations (intelligence, surveillance and security (ISR).

These interventions have intensified in the region with each desperate attempt by the enemy to penetrate the buffer zone, examples not lacking, Bir Lahlou, Mahbès… The various drones possessed by the FRA (acquired from the UAE, Turkey, Israel , USA, China…) are located in various bases in the south of the Kingdom, Laayoune, Smara, Dakhla… and sometimes even further north in Meknes or Benguerir in addition to air bases and tactical and logistical support in the South. The Laayoune base has SATCOM capability, making it suitable for the drones it houses to carry out missions beyond a 300 km range.

The drones are operated by a special squadron within the Moroccan Air Force (FRA), called SACR, an acronym for Air Control and Reconnaissance System or in French Système Aéroporté de Contrôle et Reconnaissance. The squadron currently uses 5 different types of drones: HERON 1, Hermes-900 and Wing Loong1, Bayraktar and Wing Loong 2 and is constantly on standby for the American MQ-9 See Guard.

This article is originally published on fr.hespress.com

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