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Judge Ulrich Xavier Ovono Ondoua on Football Laws

An administrative act remains enforceable until it has been withdrawn or until its effects have been suspended. It may be withdrawn at the initiative of the author of the act, the hierarchy of the author of the act or a court.

An agreement is enforceable until it is denounced by the party or parties to it. For it to be declared null and void, this nullity must be clearly formulated in a text. We do not assume a nullity of public policy. It exists or it does not exist. If an agreement violates a normative text, it is necessary to refer the matter to the judge to establish the nullity or to go for resolution of it if it has not been possible to proceed with the disputed rectifications in amicable forms.

When we cannot find a consensus, we must go to litigation. Sunday law vs. the law quite simply leads us into an indescribable mess. »

He is tired of the war. He is tired like all of us.

“All this war for the patrimonialization of public affairs. Weak government coordination. Dysfunctions of presidential coordination. Oversized egos. Lack of patriotism. Power struggles. It has to stop!”

Unfortunately, people only want us to say what they want to hear. Talking right now is like shouting in a hubbub, it is so useless.

So they should sit down and deal with it calmly. And if they don’t want those who are supposed to arbitrate, they should do so.

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