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Russian assets frozen to buy weapons from Ukraine?

Ukraine’s foreign minister and NATO secretary general were the guests of honor at Thursday’s G7 meeting in Capri, Italy.

The Group of Seven Western countries is seeking to urgently strengthen military support for Ukrainian forces.

One of the measures being considered would be to use frozen Russian assets to finance the purchase of weapons.

David Cameron, British Foreign Secretary explains:

“The principle is simple: there are frozen Russian assets in the UK, Europe and elsewhere, and we should find ways to use these assets to help Ukraine defend itself against this appalling, illegal Russian invasion. seems obvious to me that one day Russia will have to pay reparations for this illegal invasion, and so we should use these assets in the meantime. But it is important that we try to get an agreement among the allies on the right way to proceed. “

The meeting between foreign ministers will end this Friday.

The group is expected to issue a joint statement on support for Ukraine and consensus for a new round of sanctions against Iran, following its missile attack on Israel.

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