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Iranian ambassadors summoned to Western capitals for harsh reprimands

In response to Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel from its soil, a series of countries have summoned their Iranian ambassadors to issue harsh reprimands. This is the case of France and the United Kingdom, which actively contributed to repelling the Iranian attack alongside the Jewish state. The head of French diplomacy, Stéphane Séjourné, delivered this Monday “a message of firmness” to the representative of the Islamic Republic, also calling for “de-escalation in the Middle East”.

“He was reminded, with the greatest firmness, of France’s condemnation of the attack launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran against Israel on the night of Saturday April 13 to Sunday April 14. The Islamic Republic, having launched “This irresponsible attack poses the risk of a conflagration in which no one has any interest. These serious and unprecedented actions, which threaten the security of Israel, that of our partners, and regional stability, must stop immediately.” indicated the Quai d’Orsay in a press release.

Germany similarly reprimanded the Iranian ambassador, who was tasked with delivering a message to Tehran about deteriorating bilateral ties after the attack on Israel.

The same goes for the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which told the Iranian representative that Tehran’s conduct was acceptable neither for the Czech Republic nor for the European Union, and “that a red line had been crossed.” “Iran endangers regional security and harms global stability,” declared the head of Czech diplomacy after his reprimand.

Jordan also demanded accountability from the Iranian ambassador stationed in Amman, while its army intercepted missiles and drones above Hashemite territory.

Note that the day after its offensive against Israel, Tehran announced the summoning of the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, France and Germany, accusing these countries of having immediately condemned its actions.

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