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Zionist genocide: Josep Borrell warns of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Rafah

The head of European diplomacy warned on Saturday against a possible offensive by the Zionist occupying army in Rafah, in the south of Gaza, which would amount to “an indescribable humanitarian catastrophe”.

“I echo the warning issued by several EU member states that an offensive” by the Zionist occupying army on Rafah “would lead to an indescribable humanitarian catastrophe,” Josep Borrell said in a message on the networks social.

Palestinian authorities, many countries, international and regional organizations and NGOs have warned of the dire consequences of the possible expansion of the Zionist genocide in Rafah.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths said the suffering of Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah is “unimaginable” due to the Zionist genocidal war. continues since October 7, 2024.

Griffiths said, in a message he posted on social media on Friday evening, that “more than a million residents of the city of Rafah have nowhere to go” and that “their suffering is unimaginable.” .

Rafah, the last refuge for displaced people in the besieged Palestinian enclave, is home to more than 1,400,000 Palestinians, including 1,300,000 displaced people* from other governorates, according to the Palestinian authorities.
Since October 7, 2023, the occupying army has been carrying out relentless aggression in the Gaza Strip which has left 28,064 Palestinians martyred, mostly women and children, and injured 67,611 others, according to the latest report communicated on Saturday. by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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