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War in Ukraine: Josep Borrell visits EU-funded training center near kyiv

“They face difficult situations when they regain control of the liberated territories”, which is why “we are training some 150 police officers or members of the Ukrainian national guard”, declared on this occasion Mr. Borrell, after having attended under a cold rain with several interventions, particularly realistic.

An explosion gives the signal to several of these police officers or gendarmes to intervene in a house and arrest one of its inhabitants. Further on, at a larger-than-life checkpoint, other police officers take the driver out of a car where a rocket launcher was found in the trunk.

The cries erupt in Ukrainian, and the driver spreads his legs, hands on his head, without arguing.

“This is the kind of thing that happens in reality,” comments Mr. Borrell, guided by the head of the European mission, Portuguese National Guard officer Helder Carcao.

“The idea is that these 150 police officers or gendarmes train others to then have an ‘army’ of trainers,” he explains briefly.

An officer of the Spanish Civil Guard, Salvador Serrano, then came to show the head of European diplomacy how an intervention takes place after an explosion causing injuries on a road.

It is necessary to evacuate the injured, he explains, but also to secure the area, because other explosive devices may be found there. This is the case, and a minesweeper immediately begins work near the wreckage of a damaged bus.

Nearly 2,000 villages have been liberated from Russian occupation by Ukrainian forces over the past two years, said Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klymenko. And, it sometimes happens that mass graves are then discovered.

It is then necessary to proceed with professionalism, explains the Portuguese officer, to safeguard the evidence of the crimes committed.

A Ukrainian policeman in a white suit does this, numbering the bones of a fake corpse in a pit, next to a mass grave containing mannequins, in a disturbingly realistic scene.

“Discovering mass graves and then having to warn families is not a joke, it is something that must be done with the appropriate psychological skills,” stressed Mr. Borrell.

This training mission, the cost of which has not been specified, includes ten gendarmerie or national guard officers from France, Spain, Portugal and Lithuania.

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