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War in Ukraine. Russia would have lost more than 85% of its tanks on the front in almost two years

Russia has lost almost all of its armored vehicles engaged in the field since the start of the War in Ukraine. According to a count based on the declarations of independent analysts, more than 85 of the Kremlin’s tanks were lost in 23 month of combat, reports Forbes, Wednesday January 10, 2024, relayed by L’Indépendant.

The Russian armed forces have thus committed 2,987 tanks on the front since February 2022, but have already lost 2,619. These are T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks. . In detail, 1,725 were destroyed, 145 damaged, 205 abandoned and 544 captured. Russia would now only have 368, in theory.

Insufficient capacities

These capabilities are considered far insufficient to cope with Ukrainian combat vehicles, estimated at nearly a thousand between pre-war tanks, restored tanks and received tanks. But the Kremlin nevertheless announced that it had tripled its production in 2023 with the arrival of modernized tanks following an intensive industrial effort. According to Forbes, if these announcements are true, this would increase Russia’s capacity to 2,400 tanks.

But according to specialists, this figure is clearly overestimated and Russia does not design as many tanks as it claims. In reality, the country only produces 390 tanks per year and therefore currently only has around 1,180, slightly more than the Ukrainians.

Worse, Moscow would lose more tanks than it could replace, and could soon run out of armored vehicles. A scenario that would prevent him from continuing a long war of attrition.

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