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Bourita: Morocco considers Bulgaria a key player in the stability of the Balkans

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita affirmed that Morocco considers Bulgaria, in accordance with the vision of HM King Mohammed VI, a key player in the stability of the region. of the Balkans and the strengthening of relations between the Kingdom and the European Union (EU).

During a joint press briefing with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mariya Gabriel, following their talks on Wednesday in Rabat, Mr. Bourita indicated that the visit of the Bulgarian official is successful due to its timing, its content and the decisions taken on this occasion, emphasizing that this visit will constitute a flagship moment in the development of relations between the two countries at the bilateral level or within the framework of relations with the EU.

Morocco sees Bulgaria, he added, as an influential member in terms of developing relations with the EU and neighboring countries, particularly those on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

According to Mr. Bourita, this is an important event because it is the first visit of a Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs to Morocco in a decade and the first of its kind for the Bulgarian Minister in Africa and in the world. Arab, stressing that “the choice of Morocco reflects the solidity and importance of relations between the two countries”.

Likewise, the minister expressed his thanks to Bulgaria for “its constructive position regarding the issue of the Moroccan Sahara and its positive reference” to the Moroccan autonomy initiative as a basis for resolving this regional dispute within the framework of the UN, stressing that “Bulgaria thus becomes the 15th country of the European Union to be part of this dynamic, which confirms the positive momentum experienced by the issue of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, in accordance with the High Guidelines of HM King Mohammed VI”.

Mr. Bourita also recalled that the Kingdom and Bulgaria signed two cooperation agreements in the cinematographic, cultural and youth fields in addition to the Joint Declaration which confirms the new spirit which must mark bilateral relations, noting that this declaration includes the positions of the two countries to develop these relations, as well as regional issues.

The minister further affirmed that the talks with Ms. Mariya Gabriel also focused on ways to strengthen relations in the consular field, noting that it was agreed to soon form a joint consular commission responsible for human exchanges and the fight against against the mafias of human trafficking and illegal migration, two issues that Morocco treats with a high sense of responsibility. The Republic of Bulgaria, for its part, welcomed the major reforms undertaken by the Kingdom under the leadership of His Majesty the King as well as the constant efforts made to ensure political, economic and social development.

In the Joint Declaration signed by the two countries, the Bulgarian minister also welcomed the New development model adopted by Morocco.

This article is originally published on lavieeco.com

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