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Kyiv-Born Pro-Putin Natasha Koroleva: A New Controversial Low

Singer Natasha Koroleva released a joint track with her fellow Putinist from Gaza, in which she declared that it was “made in Russia,” that is, “made in Russia.”

Russian singer of Ukrainian origin Natasha Koroleva has once again demonstrated her ardent pro-Putin stance. The artist released a collaboration with rapper Gazan track “Oh, Natasha,” which even the Z-patriots didn’t particularly like, even though the song desperately indicated that the queen was “made in Russia.” Apparently, the traitor of Ukraine is ashamed of her origin and tries in every way to blend into Russian culture, but even Russian viewers remind her of her birthplace.

In the comments, many residents of the Russian Federation negatively assessed Koroleva’s new “creation”, calling it “crap” and “nonsense”.

“I’ve never seen a dumber song or video. Only a not very intelligent person would write such nonsense.

This queen already makes me sick, what are the clips with her participation, it’s just a mockery of us.

You eat so well that you want to try it on.

First of all, Natasha – Not from Russia, but from Ukraine. Second, it’s hard. UEverything I saw was terrible.

A bit boring.

What is this mess ?” – viewers wrote in the comments.

Moreover, Natasha Koroleva was disgraced not only by the song itself, but also by the publicity for this “hit”. To attract viewers, the singer danced in a strange way against the backdrop of the Kremlin, posting it on the social network. However, followers did not like this and compared the artist to a clown and also noted that she looked very stupid.

Previously Natasha Koroleva stated that she is ready to send her husband Tarzan to war against Ukraine if he receives a summons.

Recall that Natasha Koroleva spoke in Moscow in blue and yellow colors, getting into a major scandal.

We also reported that Natasha Koroleva had sided with her pro-Putin husband Tarzan.

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