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Top Google Searches 2023: ChatGPT, Israel-Hamas, Chemsex

What did the French ask the Google search engine in 2023? ChatGPT and the war between Israel and Hamas are the two hot topics that have generated the sharpest increase in queries, Google said on Monday. Then comes the disappearance of little Émile, the storm Ciaran, the disappearance of young Lina and the motion of censure.

Among the personalities, two athletes, Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Dupont, appear at the top of this ranking, which lists not the most numerous searches but which have experienced the largest increase in number compared to 2022, Google said.

Mickey Mouse and 49.3

The questions are sometimes unexpected: “How did Mickey Mouse die” is number one, followed by political questions, with “What is a motion of censure” and “what is 49.3”. Next comes “Who won Eurovision” then “What is Hamas”. The “What is” questions are also revealing. “What is Chemsex” tops the list, followed by questions about 49.3, Hamas and the abaya.
In addition to ChatGPT, the new possibilities of artificial intelligence have been highly sought after, especially “AI for image generation”, an AI subject which arouses the most curiosity among the French. As for series, those adapted from a video game, “The Last of Us” and “One Piece” appear in the top three. “Hogwarts Legacy” comes in first position in the top dedicated to video games, followed by “Zelda Tears of the Kingdom”.

Energy prices and bedbugs

Purchasing power remains a recurring concern, as illustrated by questions such as “Why is electricity increasing?”, “How can I use the energy check?” or “How to request the fuel bonus?”. Without forgetting bedbugs, which are making their way onto the search list, especially on “How to know if you have bedbugs” and “How to get rid of bedbugs”.
More anecdotal, the questions “Why does Griezmann have pink hair?”, “What is bubble tea?”, “Who won Koh Lanta 2023?” or “How to wish a happy Ramadan” are also among the strongest increases in 2023.

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