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Haitian Survival at Risk: Colonial Policies Undermine Future

The political party #MOUHVHE, Unified Movement of Haitians Living in Haiti and Abroad, member of the non-governmental diplomacy network of the Africa Mundus sphere salutes all true Haitian patriots, the public in general, the press in particular.

The #MOUHVHE takes advantage of this note to remind the Haitian people of what they represented in the past and the role they were able to play in the history of humanity.

Indeed, the political party #MOUHVHE deplores the accelerated leveling down that the country is undergoing in the face of this vast, well-established international conspiracy orchestrated by the colonialist leading trio (the USA, France and Canada) in complicity with local, regional, international organizations and small actors without local characteristics indexed directly and indirectly to the magnicicide of the late president Jovenel MOÏSE, on July 7, 2021 in his personal residence in Perlerin 5.

It is time for Haiti to stop being represented by the same suit-wearing lackeys on the national and international scene.

The country deserves better; because, with the efforts of our heroes and our ancestors, he wrote the most beautiful page in the history of the world by giving a true definition to the words LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY.

Unfortunately, our generation has not been able to safeguard, protect, consolidate and manage since 1986 this democratic achievement focused on three (3) pillars and Western models (Legislative, Executive and Judicial) which should put us back on the right path to sovereignty, sustainable development, etc. However, these are only diverse and varied pitfalls that have arisen on our journey as the first black people free of themselves through the price of blood.

It is clear that we have erred and failed all along.

Since the death of the 58th Haitian president before the end of his so-called constitutional mandate on February 7, 2022, the country is ruled without a constitution to this day. Only agreements and disagreements on the right or left of a minority group in terms of number but strong in its servile connections with the international, serve as a constitution to such an extent that its international bodies take the evil pleasure of reinforcing them for the sake of justify according to the good will of one’s own interests.

Today, for the umpteenth time, the CARICOM delegation under the auspices of the US administration is still seeking to impose other problematic choices as cosmetic solutions, agreements not agreed to continue the crisis with actors who do not want to sit in full view of the Haitian public; but, who have no real difficulty in sitting, eating and sleeping together in Kingston, in Washington, in Paris etc… in order to always facilitate the continuity of the control of the settler in the slow collapse of the country with the completion of the plan for a new transitional governance always with the same rump and servile actors and sectors.

Thus, the #MOUHVHE informs and reminds the Haitian people that it does not take part in any meeting and unpatriotic approach with any regional or international organization which is duly identified as the extension of the conquering arms of the infernal triangle of Haiti’s ills.

The #MOUHVHE, apart from the constitution which is currently on hold, remains committed to an inter-Haitian consensus before February 7, 2024 for the establishment of a National Sovereign Council (CNS), a representative council of 15 members , made up of a patriotic representative of the ten (10) departments of the country and the five (5) large cities of the diaspora.

In addition, the UN, the OAS, CARICOM, BINUH, the embassies of the USA, Canada, France and the European Union have put too far in advance and highlighted the harmfulness of colonial policies which threaten the existence and future of the Haitian people.

Therefore, the #MOUHVHE calls on the silent majority everywhere, the patriotic Haitian people and fighters of other times in Unity to resume our destiny as a free, independent and sovereign people who had great self-esteem and great pride of his country and his homeland.

Haiti will not sink whatever the cost, since it has never benefited from the good grace, the manifest will and the good Samaritan generosity of any conqueror or belligerent to loudly proclaim itself to be Free, Independent and Sovereign.

This article is originally published on rezonodwes.com

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