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Algerian Parliamentary Diplomacy: On the Road to the African Parliamentary Union

At the heart of diplomatic and parliamentary issues, Algeria is preparing to participate in the 80th session of the Executive Committee and the 45th Conference of the African Parliamentary Union (UPA), which will be held from December 11 to 15 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. of ivory.

This mission, placed under the coordination of the Vice-President of the Council of the Nation, Mr. Ahmed Kharchi, is of crucial importance for the country and its commitment to African integration. In this article, we delve behind the scenes of this parliamentary delegation, responsible for representing Algeria within the UPA.

The African Parliamentary Union: A Forum for Dialogue

The African Parliamentary Union, abbreviated UPA, is an institution that brings together the national parliaments of Africa. It provides a platform for dialogue, cooperation and coordination between African legislatures. Its objective is to promote peace, stability and development on the continent, by promoting exchanges and debates between African parliamentarians.

Algeria, as an African country and active member of the UPA, attaches great importance to its participation in these events. It sees this as an opportunity to strengthen its diplomatic ties, contribute to debates on regional and continental challenges, and promote its interests in a constantly evolving international context.

A High Level Parliamentary Delegation

The joint delegation between the two houses of the Algerian Parliament which will participate in the 80th session of the Executive Committee and the 45th Conference of the UPA is composed of high-level members. At its head is Mr. Ahmed Kharchi, vice-president of the Council of the Nation, responsible for legislative issues and relations with the Government and the National People’s Assembly (APN).

Accompanied by the Vice-President of the APN, Ms. Hadjira Abbas, and eminent members of the Council of the Nation, this delegation embodies the diversity and representativeness of the Algerian Parliament. Among the deputies who will take part in this event are Mr. Khemayas Omar, Mr. Bousedraya Fayçal, Ms. Bouhouita Guermech Fayrouz, as well as deputies Wassila Tayeb and Bouguettoucha Zakia.

This composition reflects Algeria’s commitment to addressing a broad range of issues and promoting an inclusive vision of African parliamentary diplomacy.

The Issues at the Heart of the Debates

The 80th session of the Executive Committee and the 45th PAU Conference will address crucial issues for the future of Africa. Among these subjects, the fight against insecurity and terrorism occupies a central place. These scourges are considered factors of political instability and economic recession on the continent. Algeria, as a country that has experienced its share of security challenges, will certainly make its contribution to the discussions on this vital theme.

Promoting inter-African trade is also a hot topic. African regional integration is a key objective, and strengthening trade between African countries is essential for its achievement. Algeria, with its economic experience, will play an active role in the debates on this issue.

Another important point will be the highlighting of the role of African women in bilateral African trade. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are growing concerns, and Algeria, as a defender of these values, will help advance this cause.

An Algeria Committed to its African Future

Algeria’s participation in the 80th session of the Executive Committee and the 45th Conference of the UPA demonstrates its commitment to African integration, parliamentary diplomacy and continental cooperation. This high-level delegation is ready to defend Algeria’s interests while actively contributing to debates and solutions for Africa.

Algeria, as a pioneer country in the struggle for independence in Africa, plays a crucial role in the consolidation of African unity. It embodies the vision of a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa, where parliamentary dialogue is at the heart of building a common future. The 80th session of the UPA will be an opportunity for Algeria to continue this noble mission and strengthen its ties with its African partners.

This article is originally published on algerie-focus.com

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