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EU diplomat accused of cooperation with Israel tried in Iran

Swede Johan Floderus, a European Union diplomat detained in Iran, was accused at the start of his trial of cooperating with Israel against the Islamic Republic, state media said on Sunday. Johan Floderus, aged 33, has been in prison for more than 600 days.

The diplomat has been on trial since Saturday in Tehran for “corruption on earth” and for having participated in “acts against the security of Iran, through extensive cooperation in intelligence matters with the Zionist regime”, according to the agency. Mizan Online Judicial Authority.

During this first hearing, the prosecutor’s representative read the indictment in the presence of the defendant’s lawyers and a translator. The Mizan agency published a series of photos showing Johan Floderus appearing before the judges in the pale blue prison uniform and handcuffed.

Trial adjourned

According to the prosecutor’s representative, “the accused was active against the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of intelligence collection for the benefit of the Zionist regime in the form of projects [aimed at] overthrowing the Islamic Republic [led by] American, Israeli and European institutions known to be active” against Iran.

“Among his other actions are trips to occupied Palestine, communication with agents” of Israel and “gathering intelligence on the programs of the Islamic Republic, which have nothing to do with the professional field of the accused “, he added. The trial was then adjourned until a future hearing, the date of which has not been announced.

Sweden denounced arbitrary detention

Johan Floderus, 33, was arrested on April 17, 2022 at Tehran airport, as he was preparing to return home after a trip with friends. This Swede, who works for the diplomatic service of the European Union, has since been detained in Evin prison in Tehran, where many opponents of the Iranian regime are incarcerated.

Sweden denounced his detention as “arbitrary” while the EU called for his release. “The EU continues to demand the immediate release of Johan Floderus,” Josep Borrell, the head of diplomacy of the European Union, said in a statement on Sunday, also affirming that he is “innocent” and that “ there is absolutely no reason” to keep him in detention.

The diplomat was arrested while an Iranian, Hamid Noury, was sentenced in Sweden to life in prison for his role in mass executions of thousands of opponents by the Iranian regime in 1988.

This article is originally published on lematin.ch

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