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Ukraine Condemns Poland’s Unacceptable Cereal Restrictions

Ukraine announced on Saturday that it had given Poland a note in which it denounces the “unacceptable” trade restrictions that this country, one of its main allies in the face of the Russian invasion, imposes on Ukrainian agricultural products.
Several countries bordering Ukraine, including Poland, have issued temporary bans on the import of grain and other goods from Ukrainian territory, amid protests from local farmers. Decisions that kyiv considers “unacceptable”.

An Agreement in Principle on The Transit of Ukrainian Cereals

“Notes regarding the completely unacceptable situation (resulting from) trade restrictions on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine” were sent to the Polish diplomatic representation as well as to that of the European Union, said the door. -spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv, Oleg Nikolenko.

The European Commission, for its part, announced on Friday that it had concluded an agreement with five EU states, including Poland and Hungary, to guarantee the transit of Ukrainian cereals, after import ban measures taken by these countries deemed “unacceptable” by Brussels.

Kyiv Demands Immediate Recovery

Kyiv called for the “immediate” resumption of exports and said the restrictions violated the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union “and the principles and standards of the EU single market.”

The invasion of Ukraine considerably limited the traditional channel of Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea, necessitating overland exports via its neighbours.

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