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Police Officers Suspended For Torturing Moroccan In Italy

Four local police officers from Sassuolo, an Italian town in the province of Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, have been suspended from their duties. They are the subject of an investigation for the crime of torture on a Moroccan, reports the Italian press, specifying that they are two agents and two assistants, who are accused in particular of having drawn up a false service report .

The procedure follows a complaint filed by the general manager of the Sassuolo hospital for facts dating from October 2021. According to the complaint, the 4 would have attacked the man while he was in the emergency room for a crisis of hypoglycemia. The Moroccan had been transported by ambulance to the hospital by the Red Cross of Sassuolo after being found in the street.

According to what was reported and reconstructed by the public prosecutor, while the collection of data and vital parameters of the patient was in progress, the four individuals arrived at the hospital without anyone calling them. They began to assault the patient, forcibly restraining him on a stretcher and beating him in the chest and head, asking him insistently if he had taken drugs. The behaviors of the four agents were described in detail by the nursing staff.

According to Italian Press

The Italian press adds that the belief that the man was linked to the world of drug trafficking arose from the suspicions of doctors and nurses. However, the Moroccan has been working in Italy for years, with a regular residence permit and has never been reported for drug-related offences. To date, he has not filed a complaint because “does not remember what happened, given that he was unconscious due to a severe attack of hypoglycemia”.

Before issuing the suspension order, the police officers were questioned by the investigating judge of Modena, adds the same source, specifying that the duration of the suspension of service differs from one officer to another, for crimes which they are accused of.

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