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Cassel And Green Team Up In Liaison

In this first Franco-British production for the Apple TV+ platform, Vincent Cassel plays a mercenary spy. He is the charming asset of this series which navigates the waters of politics between the United Kingdom, the Elysée Palace and the European Commission in Brussels.

Paris, London, Brussels. Virginie Brac, the screenwriter of Gears and the excellent Cheyenne et Lola, signs a spy thriller on three playgrounds for this first French co-production for the Apple TV+ platform.

You liked Omar Sy in Lupin, you will like Vincent Cassel in his first series. He too is clever in his own way: he never has cold feet. Only, we are not in the Paris of the 19th century, he is not a burglar: he is a spy or a mercenary, it depends on the employer, in a contemporary world braving danger, both in Syria and in Europe. , as a hack causes train crashes in the UK. In the middle, two Syrian refugees who have intercepted the plans for an attack, and are trying to reach Europe.

Liaison, the title of this series in six episodes (from February 24 on Apple TV+) evokes above all the mysterious relationship between this mercenary and a British government employee, embodied by the impeccable Eva Green. The series mixes geopolitics, corruption, navigates between the gilding of the Élysée, the British ministries and the glass buildings of the European Commission in Brussels.

If it starts on the hats of wheels in Syria, and initially thinks of a new rehash of the Office of Legends, it then anchors in Europe, with Brexit as a common thread. The series filmed with great luxury relies heavily on the charisma of Vincent Cassel.

Around him, a nice cast: Gérard Lanvin, head of a pharmacy, and Thierry Frémont, President of the Republic. A series that does not revolutionize the genre, but whose romanticism is gripping. Clearly, with Eva Green, Vincent Cassel has found his new ideal playmate. Liaison, 6 episodes from February 24, on Apple TV+.

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