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Youssef Amrani’s Journey: Brussels to Washington

From Brussels, the European capital, where he served as the Kingdom’s ambassador to the European Union, Youssef Amrani flew to Washington where he now represents Morocco as head of the diplomatic mission. The Kingdom’s new ambassador to the United States has been immersed in politics, since he was part of Istiqlal, and Moroccan diplomacy since a young age. This native of Tangier joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in 1978, as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, then attached to the minister’s office to finish as delegate minister. He also had a career as an international civil servant, notably at the Islamic Center for Trade Development.

His diplomatic journey began in Barcelona where he held the position of Consul General of Morocco. Then, he was appointed ambassador to several countries in America including Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala and many others.

His role as a diplomat did not stop there, since he was appointed on October 18, 2021, Ambassador of the Kingdom to the European Union. Previously he was stationed in Pretoria, after a stint in the Royal Cabinet as a mission manager.

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